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Compact, easy-to-install hardware and cloud-based software provide cost-effective out-of-the-box fleet management reporting that will save you money.

  • safety iconSafety

    Safer driving means better fuel economy, less vehicle wear-and-tear and fewer accidents. more >

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    Knowing when and how vehicles are used allows you to better allocate resources. more >

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    Monitor emission status and engine diagnostic codes via real-time phone or email alerts. more >


safety iconSafety

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Use CarChip Connect as part of your safety program. Determine the driving parameters — speed, acceleration, deceleration or location— that matter to you or use our preset standards. An integral buzzer sounds in the vehicle, giving your drivers immediate feedback when they exceed a safety limit or enter and exit a geofence area. You’ll receive real-time email or text notifications of alert conditions that allow you to provide coaching and guidance.

Davis' exclusive g-Bubble™ reporting helps you to identify and address aggressive driving. Aggressive driving is measured using a built-in 3-axis accelerometer. CarChip Connect is able to measure a car's motion in three-dimensions, creating a virtual "bubble" around the car—what we call a "g-Bubble." G-Bubble reporting calculates a driver's score based on rapid accelerations, forceful braking, hard cornering and unusual up-and-down motion from driving too fast over potholes, speed bumps or rough terrain.

Safer driving means better fuel economy, less vehicle wear-and-tear and fewer accidents.

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efficiency iconEfficiency

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Knowing when and how vehicles are being used allows you to better allocate resources. CarChip Connect increases your fleet's efficiency by tracking engine idle time, stop time and total driving time. CarChip Connect tracks your staff's efficiency by recording time-of-day driving and distance driven. You can use this data, along with the GPS data, to identify and decrease idle time and side trips. Improving your fleet's overall efficiency by even 30 minutes a day can increase productivity by 7 to 10 percent.

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readiness iconReadiness

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Maintenance scheduling and costs a problem? CarChip Connect monitors emission status and engine diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and will alert you in real time when the engine light or other diagnostic indicator goes off. Use the DTCs to schedule service and have the needed parts on hand before the vehicle gets to the garage. No need to depend on your drivers to report engine trouble.

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easy install iconCompact and Easy to Install

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Don't let the small size of the CarChip Connect fool you. Packed into this 2" x 1" X 1.875" (5 cm x 2.54 cm x 2.22 cm) device are powerful telematics: GPS tracking; geofence boundaries; three-axis accelerometer motion detection; driver safety limits; and engine and driver diagnostics.

Just plug CarChip Connect into the OBD II port and you're ready to go—no need for wire harness splicing or professional installers. The unit automatically connects to the vehicle's computer and begins sending data.

When installed in the vehicle, CarChip Connect almost disappears.

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